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Christmas and New Year

Have a Neighbours' Get-Together

The Christmas and New Year period can be jolly for some but isolating for others, so it's a chance to hold a neighbours' get-together – for this season of good will etc.

Below are some ideas about how to boost community spirit in your street during this time of year:

  • Hold a Mince Pie get-together - invite some neighbours round for a drink, mulled wine or a cuppa and a mince pie, even at short notice. You could either drop a note round, or just invite some in person.
  • Drop a Christmas card off to someone you may know.
  • If you have the voice, hold a street carol sing-along.
  • Offer a drink or cuppa on New Year's eve or day.
  • Perhaps suggest holding a street party or a more modest tea party or BBQ street meet next year.
  • Offer to keep an eye on houses or pets of neighbours who are away for a time.

And if you have a white Christmas help to clear snow and ice from someone's path or doorway.


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