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Street Party - Meet Your Neighbours in Your Traffic Free Street

Using street parties to achieve
community outcomes

Streets Alive provides advice, training and projects on using street parties as a practical tool to engage communities on:

Also we help less confident communities to join in:

Street Parties and street meets without closing the road work because:

  • They are cheap to run
  • They are an effective foot-in-the door way to contact hard-to-reach households
  • Most residents want to join in since they are a simple way to have fun

They are a tried and tested tool to engage people on community issues and to build more cohesive and empowered active communities because most people participate.

Street parties are neighbours' private events in 1 or 2 quiet streets / other areas, organised mainly by and for residents without external publicity. Unlike larger public community events, most residents join in and there is no need for budgets, licenses or event management.

Typically a community worker's role is to:

  • Encourage the residents to get organised
  • Provide useful information and with small practical things
  • Carry out an after-party survey which is also a chance to engage residents on your key issues whilst in a receptive mood

We have worked in dozens of communities where there many social problems and they can happen. But there is a knack to it.

We can help you plan a programme to achieve specific outcomes in a targeted community and gain support from your management team. For example:

  • One community has had 40 street parties
  • An estate in Bristol has had 15 to engage residents in an innovative 'Restorative Approach' anti-social behaviour programme
  • Southampton last year had 23, and
  • Oxford are planning 25 this year with our support

We provide comprehensive advice and training for local workers, groups and councils.

See our Guide for Community Projects below for more details:

See also our Guide for residents and our Guide for Councils.

Where do we come from?

"In my experience, street parties are one of the most effective ways to bring communities together."

Oxford worker

And the copper came too

"The events went every well - the tips, tricks and training received on the one day course certainly paid dividends."

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