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Street Parties Are More Than Royal

11/06/2016 18:44:15

They are for a great traditon for national days

Private neighbours’ street parties for the jubilee are not wholly royal events because in every street residents have a range of views about the royals. This tradition for national days started in 1919 as peace teas for children after the First War, and traditions are always a range of ideas and feelings; like Christmas is not just for Christians.

They’re a rare chance for neighbours and, yes, there may be some red, white and blue but mainly a lot of 'booze, bunting and BBQ', chatting, games and kids playing in their street for a change. This street party website is royal-neutral, and people just get on with it.

About 1/2 million people have enjoyed being with their neighbours for a few hours this June weekend, and it is has all been worth it for the last 15 years of Streets Alive's efforts.










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