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Government Encourages Easy Ride for Road Closures for Street Parties

26/03/2009 14:07:41

The leading minister has confirmed in writing to Streets Alive and The Big Lunch that councils can be flexible to help keep road closures easy and cheap.

Geoff Hoon, the Secretary of State for Transport has written to Streets Alive and the Big Lunch that 'In the absence of statutory procedures, it is for authorities to use their judgment about consultation and publicity that are appropriate to the circumstances...'.

This provides ample support for authorities that decide to avoid costs for road closures such as a result of unnecessary paid advertising for notices. Many councils already make no charges and Streets Alive believes that this best practice should be the norm across the UK. The full letter can be downloaded here.

If any residents, groups or councils have any questions or need help with this critical issue, please get in touch after reading our detailed guidance on our Road Closures page.

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