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The Big Lunch

To join in The Big Lunch on Sunday 2nd June 2013 and we hope you find some good ideas here on Streets Alive's site. The Big Lunch is a community event promotion which Streets Alive helped to get going.

We offer a free Helpline for residents and communities, especially in less confident communities:

Email us now or phone on 0117 922 5708

One key point - make sure you are clear whether you want a neighbours-only street party without external publicity, no licence etc., as explained on this web site, or a public event that needs money, insurance, a licence etc.

Guidance for Councils for The Big Lunch

These are key points we suggest for councils to support The Big Lunch:

  • Be clear in your arrangements whether events are private street parties which should not normally require road closure fees, insurance, a licence or funding, or public events which do require these things.
  • We can advise you how to support dozens of smaller events self-organised by residents, rather than a handful of funded events. E.g. Southampton Council last year facilitated 23 at low cost.
  • The events could be linked with Community Partnership or any other processes and outcomes.

Please see our Guide for Community Projects and Information for Councils.

And do let us know your plans.